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Laura Bromberg Kreiger's Specialties

Eating Disorders

I have helped clients who have a wide range of eating disorders improve their relationship with food and their bodies. Women can struggle with eating and body issues at any weight or stage in life.

When I work with someone with an eating disorder, I start out by helping them reduce their symptoms by using concrete coping strategies. My clients who finish treatment often say that these strategies were the most important part of improving their relationship with food. I also work with my clients to try to understand the underlying issues of their eating disorder and to explore the feelings that are being blocked by the symptoms.

Often, women feel ashamed and embarrassed to talk about their eating issues, thinking they must be the only one in the world who does these things. If you feel this way, I can assure you that you are not alone and I invite you to come in and talk with me.

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Postpartum Stress

After having a baby, up to 80% of mothers experience some form of postpartum stress, anxiety, depression or obsessive thinking. In fact, the number one complication of childbirth is depression.

Unfortunately, our culture makes it seem like every new mom should be in constant delight and joy when having a new baby. This can make women who do not feel this way think that something is wrong with them. However, it is much more common for women to have some of the following symptoms: tearfulness, fear something will happen to the baby, fear of hurting their baby, anxiety, obsessive or scary thoughts, exhaustion, irritability and fear that their husband or partner will leave them.

Often, women who pride themselves on being an overachiever and being organized have an especially hard time when faced with the reality that it is impossible to be perfect at caring for a baby - there is so much that is now out of their control!

Women can experience these symptoms at varying degrees and can be classified anywhere from "Baby Blues" to "Postpartum Depression". Therapy for Postpartum issues is known to be very successful and can be brief. If you are experiencing any of these issues, come in and talk abut it - even if it feels hard to take time for yourself. It is what's best for you and for your baby.

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The phrase "it's just anxiety" is a complete understatement of the intensity one can feel when suffering from anxiety. Anxiety can make basic parts of life feel overwhelming and insurmountable or can only come out in specific situations. Many women suffer from varying degrees of anxiety and symptoms can include: obsessive thoughts, fears that they are crazy, shortness of breath, chest pain/palpitations, dizziness and much more.

While feelings of anxiety seem intolerable, the good news is that they are very treatable. If you are feeling anxious, I can work with you to develop ways to cope with anxiety, including showing you concrete ways to examine the thoughts that are making you anxious. I will also help you to notice and shift these thoughts. I will work with you to reduce your symptoms of anxiety as well as work through the underlying issues causing anxiety in your life.

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Cognitive Therapy

Though I use a number of different therapy models in my work with women, many of my clients say that the cognitive techniques were a very important part of their therapy. Cognitive Therapy is a directive, results-focused therapy. With this approach, I work with women to examine their thoughts and how these thoughts affect their lives. Cognitive therapy has been researched tremendously and studies have shown excellent results in the treatment of many different mental health issues. I have completed a year-long intensive training in Cognitive Therapy at the clinic where Dr. Aaron Beck developed the method at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Supplementary Treatments

In addition to talk therapy, women can often be helped by consulting with a nutritionist, psychiatrist, internist, family therapist or other health providers. If you would like, I can help you to set up this team and collaborate with them to provide you with the care you need.

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